An Immigrant's Dream

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Immigration implies a series of situations through which not everybody is willing to go. Often, there are laws that favor immigrants, but most of the laws are against them. The objective of the law is to regulate all the aspects of their lives, including their entry into the country, their stay, their residence, or even returning to their home countries. The laws also establish both the rights and duties of immigrants while staying in the host country.

Thousands of people cross Río Grande every year. They all share a common dream... an immigrant's dream
Thousands of people cross Río Grande every year. They all share a common dream... an immigrant's dream

Despite living in a new country, most immigrants remain somehow attached to their home country, still involved in their social, economic, and political lives. They also tend to get involved with those from their home country residing near them, participating in any feast or event or joining organizations of people from their home country that try to improve their ways of living. These organizations, and hence many of the immigrants, also get engaged in defending their social, cultural and political features.

North of the USA-Mexico border, in fact, these organizations play a critical role in defending the immigrants from discrimination, promoting their language and culture, and assisting immigrants in keeping their traditions, thus serving as a link between the immigrant and the home country they just left behind.

As a result, the life of an immigrant is characterized by a series of strong emotions, somewhat dangerous situations and changing lifestyles. The book “An immigrant’s dream”, by Salvador Fraire Ramírez, provides you with an accurate, first-hand description of what being an immigrant is like when you first arrive at a new country as the USA. He hence describes the situations he faced along the journey from Zacatecas (Mexico) to Minneapolis (USA). Situations that many immigrants go through when arriving at the country. Situations that you, as an immigrant, may also face and for which you need to be appropriately prepared.

A reality that, in many senses, contraposes what they had ever dreamed of. But a reality they must confront if they finally decide to emigrate into a new country. “An immigrant’s dream” is thus a highly valuable book for any immigrant, as it gives you the means to get prepared for what you may face as you start living in a new country.

Did you ever think about emigrating? Did you succeed? Which is the best country to immigrate into? Has any relative or friend emigrated? Do you feel comfortable in your country? Leave your answers in the comments and share this information with your community! For sure it will help many immigrants and people that are planning to immigrate into a new country.

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